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Living Green For The Environment | Looking For A Carpool?


With the price of gas today its no wonder people are looking for ways out of the commute. If you cannot telecommute, a great way to get out struggling through the commute is to Ride Share. Besides the obvious advantages of saving you money at the gas pump, think about the good you’ll be doing the environment and the friends you’ll be making along the way.

Everyone talks about how it’s time we do something to clean up the environment, how we have to come up with alternative fuels and our Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Emissions and Carbon Credits and how our Governments are not doing enough to secure our time here on earth. Well it’s time that we really take on some of that responsibility, yes, us, the individuals. We’ve gotten so used to riding around in our gas-guzzling behemoths that we only think about what they are doing to the environment, when it starts squeezing our pockets.

Just think, let’s say you have a car for 5 people and you agreed to carpool with another 4 people at or around your work. That would mean that it would take 4 other cars off the road, that savings in greenhouse emissions is immeasurable. It would cut your gas expenses by 80%, that means if you spend $60 dollars a week on gas commuting, you could cut your costs down to $12, that’s a saving of $48 a week/ $192 a month/ $2304 a year. Now that’s a chunk of change, and you’ll be doing Mother Nature a favor. Carpool is a new carpooling website designed for easy communication and searching between people who live near where you live and work.

Think about it, you’ll be helping yourself and our earth.

Well, maybe you don’t have to go this far…


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  1. RoadSharing Said,

    Newcomer to the social travel scene, RoadSharing aims to make a difference, specifically an environmental one. This site is concerned with your carbon footprint, which as you probably know by now is greatly augmented when you travel in your gas guzzling car. One way to curb your carbon emissions is to car pool or to bring some people along with you on your next roadtrip. RoadSharing connects people who need a ride with those who’ve got a ride; thus people can get to where they need to be and make new friends on the way. The site is divided into two basic options: Search a route and Share a route. The latter is for those looking to drive people to a certain destination, while the former, is for those looking for a lift. The site is available in several languages including Italian and Spanish. Sign up is free.

  2. wilson Said,

    In our country, if you’re one of the person that joining the carpool program, then you will get some incentive! By the way, I personally think that carpool is the most environmental friendly method…

  3. Carpool Said,

    Very funny picture!

  4. Rod Said,

    Locallisation is a very important thing for a carpool and rideshare website to be effective. Our site is tailored specifically to carpooling in New Zealand - check - possibly some ideas for your site?

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