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Almond Pork Bread Roll.

Almond Pork Bread Roll

     Almond Pork Bread Roll. Who wants to make the most stylish old bread menu?  Catch bread spread with seasoned minced pork. Roll into sticks and coat with egg. Tossed with almonds and then fried. It’s not for sale anywhere. You have to make it yourself. Ingredients Almond Bread

egg tarts recipe

Egg tarts recipe

     Who would believe that you can grab leftover bread slices to make egg tarts recipe ?  The soft custard texture goes well with the bread crumbs.  Ingredients      Bread     1 cup of milk, tasteless     1/2 cup sugar (add – to reduce the volume like

Lets try menu Hawaiian Sandwich Bread.

Hawaiian Sandwich Bread

         Lets try menu Hawaiian Sandwich Bread.  We use Canned Pineapple with Ham and Cheese Add color with cherries, season to taste, and finally fry until crispy and beautiful. Ingredients Cherries in Syrup 2 slices of bread fresh butter 2 canned pineapples 2 cherries in syrup

French Toast Rolls

French Toast Rolls

         French Toast Rolls is For those who want to eat a sweet breakfast with ufabet , we offer a menu of French Toast Rolls. Grab a bread roll with fruit filling and coat it in an egg. Finished, then fried until the bread is beautiful yellow. Finally