Drinks for COVID patients What water can you drink?

If you are sick with COVID, you should pay special attention to food. because food can contribute to better or worse symptoms. Let’s see what to eat when addicted to COVID.

1. Warm water or room temperature water

          Warm water is an excellent aid in dissolving phlegm. make the throat feel moist and reduces the risk of irritation to the respiratory system Doesn’t encourage a lot of mucus and phlegm in the throat, and drinking enough clean water regularly will help cool the body. UFABET It can help reduce fever in another way.

2. Warm water mixed with honey and lemon.

food for covid patients

          If you are bored to drink plain warm water, try adding a little honey and lemon. This drink will help relieve coughs, sore throats, dissolve phlegm and reduce inflammation in the throat. But there is a condition that children under 12 months of age are not allowed to drink lemon honey.

3. Ginger juice

          Ginger’s properties are to help cure colds, fever, cough, expectorant, flatulence and relieve nausea and vomiting. by drinking as boiled ginger water Or you can slice fresh ginger into hot water and drink it as ginger tea.

4. Milk

          Many people are confused that if they have a dry cough or a productive cough, they should not drink milk. However, drinking milk does not affect the respiratory system in any way. And milk is a drink that is rich in useful nutrients. High in calcium, protein, vitamins, people with cough, sore throat and can eat less. When drinking milk, it will help the body get nutrients among the main groups as well.

          However, you should choose to drink warm milk or milk that is not cold. Because the cold can make the nose swollen. The respiratory tract can be irritated. In addition, in people who drink milk and often feel sticky in the throat or drink milk and have diarrhea. Drink milk and flatulence Avoid drinking milk before you can.