Egg tarts recipe

     Who would believe that you can grab leftover bread slices to make egg tarts recipe ?  The soft custard texture goes well with the bread crumbs. 

egg tarts recipe


     1 cup of milk, tasteless
     1/2 cup sugar (add – to reduce the volume like this is not very sweet)
     2 eggs
     vanilla scent. little goodbye (No need to add)

How to make egg tarts

     1. Make custard by warming fresh milk in the microwave just enough to heat. Add granulated sugar and stir until dissolved.
     2. Beat the eggs until they are homogeneous first. Then pour in and mix with warm milk to combine. Add vanilla flavor Whisk to combine until smooth. Set aside.
     3. Press the mouth of the glass onto the bread into round slices, then use the same glass to flatten the circular bread slices. (When baking, the base will not be wet.) Put the bread in the mold or a small cup, press the edge to ensure it is firmly attached to the mold.
     4. Scoop the prepared egg mixture into the bread mold. with the condition that Do not put over the edge of the bread. And when scooped into the mold, immediately put into the oven. Do not scoop and put it in the freezer because the egg custard will seep into the bread until soaked. 
     5. Bake at 175 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes, remove from the oven and ready to serve.