How important is iron to health?

          Iron is important in strengthening hemoglobin. which is an important component of red blood cells And serves to transport oxygen to the various organs in the body, so if the body lacks iron, it may result in a decrease in blood concentration. Because the blood is not enough to meet the needs of the body.

          If the body does not get enough for a long time. It may risk anemia, which causes feelings of fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, chills, short attention span, sharpness in response or slower analytical thinking. Especially in young children deficiency can also affect brain growth. The development of children is inferior to children who receive sufficient UFABET

          However, iron is a nutrient that is readily available from the foods we consume every day. Because they are both in meat, blood, liver, organs, fish, seafood, egg yolks, dried beans, etc. But to help the body absorb well. It should be eaten with some foods that help in better absorption too.

What foods help iron absorption?

          The body will absorb better. When taken with foods that contain these vitamins and nutrients

Vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron. It is therefore often recommended to take with orange juice, lemon juice or citrus fruits.

Protein from various meats. Which are classified as high iron foods. and helps in better absorption from other foods.

Fat helps to better absorb iron in the form of ferrous sulfate.

Vitamin A , such as liver, eggs, pumpkin, carrots, ripe papaya and mangoes. Because vitamin A stimulates the production of related proteins. And conducive to the body’s accumulation of iron better

Vitamin B12 , such as dairy products, eggs, meat, organ meats, and tofu. Vitamin B12 may improve hemoglobin response than alone.