How to cook Grilled River Prawns.

The secret to Grilled River Prawns like a famous seafood restaurant.Set the stove on low flame. Place the shrimp in the grill with the lid closed to allow the shrimp to cook evenly. It takes 3 minutes for a good amount of time. Don’t burn the shrimp for too long, it will make the shrimp crusty and unpalatable. If the shrimp is fresh When cooked, the meat will become more fluffy and appetizing. Eat with spicy seafood sauce .

how to cut shrimp

  1. Decorate the shrimp, trim the mustache neatly.
  2. Take the scissors to cut the shrimp shells. will be cut into longitudinal sections We’ll start with ourselves first. with the shrimp’s head facing towards the body Then use scissors to cut only the bark from the middle of the body to the tail.
  3. Header to do the same. Use scissors to cut the shell in a long line to the end of the shrimp’s head.
  4. Take a knife to cut the flesh of the shrimp in the direction of the scissors that cut off the shell. Pull the black line in the middle of the body.
  5. Prawns head to lift the shells of the prawns. You will see the membrane covering the shrimp. Let the scissors cut off the pulp and you’ll see a black bag. It doesn’t taste good. Take it out. Try not to break the bag. But if you miss it and break it, don’t panic, bring it through the water gently.
  6. Divide the shrimp into 2 halves and prepare to burn.