Mixed vegetables Curry

Mixed vegetables Curry is very delicious menu. Good for health. If anyone doesn’t want to buy chili curry to eat. Admin has a recipe for curry paste for you to pound. Let’s see the ingredients and how to make it.

Mixed vegetables Curry


fresh shrimp10one
Water for boiling shrimp shells4Bowl
gourd, cut into bite-sized pieces2Bowl
Long beans, cut into long pieces2Bowl
Cabbage, cut into large pieces2Bowl
Tamarind juice1/4Bowl
palm sugar3tablespoon
fish sauce3tablespoon
curry ingredients

Dried chili, soaked in water


boiled shrimp10one
Red onions5head
Krachai 2tablespoon
shrimp paste2teaspoon

Insctrucion of Mixed vegetables Curry

  1. Pound or blend the curry paste thoroughly and set aside.
  2. peeled shrimp Pick the head from the tail, cut the back, remove the black line, the shrimp shell and the head of the shrimp, keep it to boil as a broth.
  3. Boil the shrimp shells for about 20 minutes until the water boils. Filter to keep only clear water.
  4. Add the curry paste and dissolve it in the soup. Set on medium heat and wait until the soup boils. Add lentils, gourds and cabbage.
  5. season with fish sauce Tamarind juice, palm sugar, stir well, taste sour, salty, sweet. Add shrimp and wait for it to boil again. Remove from heat.