Stir Fried Chiang Da.

Chiang Da vegetables can be used to make boiled vegetables or fresh vegetables, as an appetizer with papaya salad,Stir Fried Chiang Da, salad dishes, Laab dishes, Chinese desserts, or can be used to curry vegetables with dried fish, Kaeng Kae, and mixed vegetable curry, but I would recommend eating fresh Chiang Da vegetables with more nutritional value than cooking. But caution is Eat a lot of Chiang Da vegetables. Be careful that it will result in lower blood sugar than normal.

Ingredients Stir Fried Chiang Da Vegetables with Egg

  • Chiang Da Vegetable or Chinda Vegetable
  • minced garlic
  • tomato
  • 2 eggs
  • oyster sauce
  • soy sauce

How to make stir-fried Chiang Da vegetables with eggs

     1. Heat a pan, put a little oil in it. Add minced garlic and stir until fragrant.
     2. Add Chiang Da vegetables and stir until dull. Followed by tomatoes, stir-fry until combined.
     3. Break the center of the pan, crack the eggs into the pan, crush the eggs and stir until combined. Season to your liking. Serve.

Chiang Da vegetables are local vegetables in the north. There are many names such as vegetables Chiang Da, vegetable Seng Dao, vegetable Wan or vegetable agar, vegetable rolls with chicken, etc., but the widely known name is Chiang Da Vegetables. The trunk that emerges from the ground will have white rubber. The leaves are single, green, oval. The leaves have a slightly wavy shape, pointed tip, smooth edge. The Japanese use it to produce herbal capsules. as a dietary supplement Help reduce the amount of sugar in blood, treat diabetes, in the United States of America made a vegetable capsule as a health supplement. According to report by ufabet