What is croffle?

          Croffle is a combination of croissant and waffle. This menu is made by cooking croissant dough and baking it in a waffle oven. In order to get the touch of a snack. That is crispy on the outside Sticky and soft inside Unlike traditional croissants and waffles. This dessert is a hot trend and a hit at popular cafes right now. 

         With references that The croissant was first made in 2017 by an Irish baker. Who initiated the normal croissant dough rolled into a thin layer until it was just the right size Then place it in the waffle maker. to make new pastries with flavor and filling that can be both savory and dessert Can be eaten with sauce or syrup as you like. 


          The crumble’s popularity spread widely. In the beginning, croffins are just a menu for sitting and eating in a coffee shop or a general restaurant. But it seems that the point where people are starting to know more about croffins is the trend from South Korea. that adjust the image to be more diverse and easier to buy People can easily find crouffles at street food stalls. This look has been received by coffee shops or cafes in other countries, including in Thailand.


  • Ready-made croissant dough (small pieces) 4 pieces
  • Cooking oil spray or butter
  • waffle stove 

How to make croissant

  1. If using frozen croissant dough The ice should be completely defrosted. until a soft dough is obtained 
  2. Preheat the waffle maker to 2-3 (about 10-15 minutes), depending on how crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 
  3. Put the croissant batter into the waffle maker, cover with a lid, press firmly and wait 3-5 minutes or until it’s cooked and the desired crispness is achieved. Then take it out of the oven. 
  4. Top with ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream or syrup of your choice. 

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