Sanabria denies claims of spitting at Messi.

Antonio Sanabria, Paraguayan national football team striker has denied claims that he spat at Lionel Messi. Before revealing that his family received threats after the incident.

This comes after footage surfaced of Sanabria, who came up through the Barcelona youth team. Spitting at Messi during Paraguay’s game against Argentina.

The pair exchanged a few words before Messi turned and Sanabria appeared to spat in his direction UFABET. This caused the Argentina international to react angrily after the game. Saying: “The truth is, I don’t even know who he is. I haven’t seen him. They just told me.”

Sanabria also took to his Instagram to respond to the accusations. While he denies he spat at the Inter Miami striker.

“I felt the need to come out. and deny what happened last night.” he began writing.

“The fact is that my family has been affected. And because of multiple threats for events that did not actually occur. I would never do anything like this to a co-worker or any other person without showing respect”

“I will give you an example: what if my daughter were to suffer like that? And I encourage you to look at all the pictures.”

Messi was a star for Barca during Sanabria’s time at La Masia. But he never played for the senior team before moving to Roma in 2014.

Amid all the drama, Argentina won 1-0 and got off to the perfect start to their bid to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.