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Egg Muffins.

Fill your morning protein with an egg muffins with bacon and pork chops for a meal. Add vitamins from vegetables as well. Finally, bake until cooked. The end of the year is approaching Christmas and New Year. Food – Western snacks It is often very popular. Maybe because of the

Hot Chocolate creamy.

          Let’s start with the hot chocolate with thick creamy texture. Because it is stewed with fresh milk. Add granulated sugar and salt. Garnish with whipped cream and cocoa powder. This menu it’s easy. Ingredients: (Makes 4 cups) 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/3

Chicken Massaman

     For those who like to eat Thai curry that is not spicy. We recommend the Chicken Massaman. This recipe uses instant massaman curry paste. Add nuts and season to taste. Chicken Massaman Ingredients Roasted Peanuts 80 g 2 chicken thighs with hips 1 potato 1-2 onions

 Fried Cucumber with Egg

           Let’s start with the fried cucumber with egg menu. This recipe combines fresh shrimp and salted fish fillets. Or you can just stir fry with eggs, season to your liking. Ingredients:  Fried Cucumber with Egg (serves 2 servings) 1 egg 2 egg whites 1 tbsp cooked salted

Stir Fried Chiang Da.

Chiang Da vegetables can be used to make boiled vegetables or fresh vegetables, as an appetizer with papaya salad,Stir Fried Chiang Da, salad dishes, Laab dishes, Chinese desserts, or can be used to curry vegetables with dried fish, Kaeng Kae, and mixed vegetable curry, but

How to cook Grilled River Prawns.

The secret to Grilled River Prawns like a famous seafood restaurant.Set the stove on low flame. Place the shrimp in the grill with the lid closed to allow the shrimp to cook evenly. It takes 3 minutes for a good amount of time. Don’t burn the shrimp for too

How to make Pad Thai Shrimp.

Mention the name of the famous food in Thailand. Pad Thai Shrimp it easy to choose the right too. Thai food is famous as far as abroad for a variety of menu. As can be seen from many Thai restaurants in foreign countries pop up. And there are

Pad Thai Crispy Wonton

Pad Thai Crispy Wonton

         Pad Thai Crispy Wonton is for w ho wants to try making Pad Thai a new style? Recommend Pad Thai,  This recipe does not use fine noodles or vermicelli. But use fried dumplings, stuffed with crab stuffing, and mixed with Pad Thai ingredients. It is not enough to

Pad Thai with Fresh Shrimp

Pad Thai with Fresh Shrimp

          Pad Thai with Fresh Shrimp is starting with the basic Pad Thai menu that anyone would appreciate first with Pad Thai with Shrimp. The ingredients are like regular Pad Thai, just switch from dried shrimp to fresh shrimp. How many of them want to eat, put