Benefits of guava. How good are you?

 Fruit like guava What are the benefits? And if eating to lose weight, will it be possible? Find answers to get rid of frustrations. Eat fat guava?

          In addition to being a fruit that is not fat.Also good from the benefits as follows:

1. Relieve constipation.

          Guava fruit contains a lot of pectin. which is a soluble dietary fiber and has gel-like properties. When it enters the intestines, it helps bind to the digested food. and make stools soft and weighty, easy to excrete Good for people with constipation. UFABET And often have hard stools, which makes it difficult to excrete.

2. Diarrhea.

          Fiber in guava can help resolve constipation. The peel contains a lot of tannins. And this substance has properties to inhibit the spread of germs. Reduces intestinal inflammation and relieve diarrhea. However, too much tannin can cause constipation as well. Therefore, eating in moderation would be the best.

3. It is a high vitamin C fruit.

          A small weighing about 100 grams contains about 160 milligrams of vitamin C. Therefore, guava is a fruit that is high in vitamin C. Even if it’s not a citrus fruit or any berry family. The part that contains a lot of vitamin C is located around the peel. Therefore, eat the whole guava with peel. Get vitamin C to help boost immunity. Prevent scurvy I’m waiting for other benefits of vitamin C as well.